Paperless Response Cards: Why it’s OK to make guests RSVP for your wedding online

Given my affinity for all things sustainable (and my Mr.’s aversion to spending any money ever), online RSVPs were an obvious choice for us when it came to designing our wedding invitations. However, certain members of my family were less on board with our decision to forego traditional mail-in response cards, and I found myself having to defend our decision a lot more than expected. Continue Reading →

DIY foam soap, the lazy girl’s way!

Washing Hands. Isolated on a white background.

As I explained in last week’s post, foaming hand soap contains fewer chemicals, requires less water, and is easier to refill than regular liquid hand soap. But, if you decide to make the switch to foam, don’t pour your hard earned money down the drain (pun intended) by buying pre-mixed soap refills like this one. Instead you can mix up your own at home in under 2 minutes, for just pennies on the dollar. Continue Reading →

Bar Soap + Bath Puff: A sudsier and more sustainable shower gel replacement

bath puff + bar soap

Although I’ve known for years that bar soap a greener choice than liquid body wash, I refused to give up my bottled shower gel–that is until now. The reason I liked liquid body wash was the luxurious suds it created when used with a shower puff or loofa. Just rubbing a soggy bar of soap all over my body just felt less clean, and usually left my skin feeling dry and filmy. However, after coming across one of these ‘soap sock’ contraptions at my local CVS, I was struck by a brilliant / face-smackingly obvious idea: Maybe I could use bar soap with my shower puff and create the same sudsing effect as body wash. Eureka! Continue Reading →

The Hand Washer’s Dilemma: Why foam soap is your most sustainable option

The average American washes his or her hands as often as 10 times per day. It’s a habit so ingrained in our daily routine that we rarely give it much thought. However, if you’ve ever found yourself frozen in the cleaning supply aisle, struggling to choose between dozens and dozens of hand soap options, you know there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing the optimal soap for your hands, your wallet and the planet. Continue Reading →

36 Awesome DIY Wreaths from Upcycled & Repurposed Materials

Upcycled and repurposed holiday wreaths DIY ideas.jpg

Nothing says Christmas like a pretty wreath on the door. Unfortunately, those fresh evergreen wreaths aren’t cheap, and it’s been pretty well established that those plastic wreaths and trees are bad news for the environment (not to mention a possible health hazard).

Luckily, with a little creativity and a glue gun, it’s possible to create an amazing christmas wreath with everyday items you have around your house. The Internet is full of ideas and tutorials for making wreaths from recycled, upcycled, and repurposed materials, and I’ve listed some of my favorite examples here to get you inspired. Continue Reading →

Upcycled Grocery Bag Holders: 10 DIY Ideas

recycled grocery bag containers.jpg

Why pay good money for grocery bag holders like this one, when there are endless ways to make your own? Here are 10 easy-to-make examples of DIY plastic bag holders from upcycled materials: Continue Reading →

The Truth About BPAs: What’s Bisphenol A and is it really that bad for you?

What are BPAs

(Image Source)

It seems like BPAs are everywhere lately; BPA-free water bottles have never been more in vogue, and more and more companies are beginning to eliminate BPAs from their products. But what are BPAs exactly? And how bad are they for us, really? Continue Reading →

Slow Fashion 101: Upstream and Downstream Approaches for a More Sustainable Wardrobe

slow fashion 101 upstream downstream

With summer now in full swing, you may be feeling the need to breathe new life into your wardrobe with some new warm-weather garb. However, if tragedies like the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh, or the environmental consequences of over-consumption, resonate with you much, those bags of cute, cheap items gleaned from your next shopping spree may leave you with pangs of guilt that endure long after your new rayon sundress has found its way to the Goodwill pile. Unfortunately, even the most socially and environmentally conscious of us have to wear clothes from time to time. And, if you’re like me, you’d prefer those clothes to be cute, stylish and affordable. Continue Reading →

The Sustainable Bride’s Guide to Alternative Wedding Gift Registries

More and more sustainability-minded brides (and grooms) are foregoing traditional wedding gift registries in favor of alternative registries. These alternative registries tend to fall within 3 main categories:

  1. Flexible or Universal Registries
  2. Registries With Socially Conscious Retailers
  3. Fundraising-Style Registries

Continue Reading →

Recycle Your Old Magazine Files: 12 DIY Ideas

reuse old magazine files

Has the paperless convenience of the digital age left you with unused magazine files? If so, don’t despair! Here are 12 easy ideas for repurposing those forgotten magazine containers:
Continue Reading →

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